Almost all the sites you visit today suck. This may seem like an extreme overstatement, but the thing is that we have gotten used to this kind of bad websites. I say that they suck because they are bloated, slow, intrusive and misleading. The heuristic that have moved web development in the last decades has not been neither aesthetics nor functionality, but consumption. Modern web most popular websites are basically skinner boxes, carefully crafted with a variety of dark patterns designed to increase their chances of selling you stuff you didn't thought you needed before, after they catch you looking at it (remember that almost always you are being identified so that you can get the right ads at the right time).

I, for one, do not like having other people trying to deploy in my brain demands that weren't there previously. If you don't mind it, that is, if you are fine with being constantly monitored, manipulated and having your opinions and demands being shaped by a handful of people — and I am not talking about the so-called "influencers", I am talking about the ones above them — then you may simply regard me as a conspiracionist and stop reading right here. But if you dislike what I have just described, let me continue by saying that distributing products that generate their own demand — that is literally what drug dealers do. Which goes to say that this problem has not started with the internet: fast-food, cigarettes & pornography companies, for example, all operate selling poision that generates its own demand. And although they have existed and grown before the creation of the internet, the first two certainly did benefit from it (on-line delivery services, social media marketing, etc.) while the latter lives on it — nowadays almost exclusively — so much so that saying that pornography benifited from the invention of the internet would be a major understatement (see the anti-porn section of this website). The internet, being an extremely ground-breaking technology, merely serve as a good medium for the propagation of evil.

On the other side, it would be very silly not to see that it is an excelent medium for the propagation of good, too. We can share quality information, provide quality services, we can talk to each other about how to become better people, about how we made mistakes and found solutions, and then share those solutions. We are at a 5-minutes distance of almost every book (that survived the passage of time) by Aristotle, Epictetus or St. Augustine. There is tremendous amount of wisdom at the tip of our fingers, but to make use of it, we must first get away from all the noise. In other words: if you want to see the stars in the sky, you need first to turn off all the other lights. That is the main message I want to spread: try turning some lights off. All the stuff that you consume, do you really enjoy it? Does it brings spiritual gratification to you? Does it harm you? Does it try to harm you? Is there anything you are doing solely because everybody else is also doing? I am not saying that you should exit the modern web/ the modern world completely (I would be a huge hypocrite if I did), I am simply saying that you should be paying attention. After all, nobody is immune to propaganda. Finally, I believe that if you have to eat shit, is best not to nibble. Let's just try to minimize it.

This site uses only HTML and CSS — no javascript, cookies, trackers, nothing of the sort. It's simple to read, and it exists just so that I can put on it content that I want to share with people. It's not desperately trying to capture your attention or mesmerize you with colorful animations. You may notice that every page is very quick to load, and once it loads, it does not suddenly change. Please, enjoy this. Notice how pleasant this simplicity can be, and imagine, for example, if news sites were like this, as they were some decades ago.